Kirka is a free of charge iogame. Welcome to the Minecraft-style realm of, a competitive and intensive first-person shooter game in which you along with your team of misfits are pushed into a life-or-death competition against various other people from around the planet so as to become last player standing with the most kills. That is an overwhelmingly competitive FPS that is readily available and playable within web browser without any packages or logins. Make a free account, gain experience, level up, and win benefits along the way! HOW EXACTLY TO PLAYEliminate other people to get the absolute most points possible and win the overall game.In Solo, it is everyone else independently! Eliminate other players whenever you can to score many things.In TDM (team deathmatch), cooperate together with your team to take over others team.In blade only (coming soon), you will simply be able to utilize your knife to beat other players.In settings with a flag, secure the zone and remain in it to win additional points.STRATEGYThe action pace in Kirka is a bit slow than many other games of the same category_ always keep that in your mind to move strategically and beat your opponents! You’ll not be able to leap around rapidly_ your best wager is aim as good as practicable and fire your tool. Make use of your knife to walk a bit faster and switch back into your primary tool to take part in a fight. An added choice is to dash to confuse your enemy and making yourself harder hitting, but utilize it carefully because there is a cooldown. Another technique will be crouch while shooting to create your self more difficult to hit.CLANSThe game provides the capability to produce a clan and recruit users. The clan with things after every month will win rewards.CONTROLSW_ move forwardS_ go backwardA_ move leftD_ move rightSPACE_ jumpC_ crouchSHIFT_ dashLEFT-CLICK_ shootRIGHT-CLICK_ scope1,2,3,4,5_ switch itemQ_ switch product straight back  PS_ Kindly remember that Kirka continues to be in alpha, more functions, skins & settings like blade just are coming soon. Kindly report comments & recommendations in our discord.

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